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Carpe Diem Kidz Pre-School
Carpe Diem Group, an educational childcare centre which focuses on quality childcare at affordable prices, is committed to the development of children from toddlers to nursery and kindergarten (18 months to 6 years old).
The focus on Multiple Intelligence (MI)- based curriculum recognises a child’s innate gifts which are then accentuated through integrated activities and classes to bring out each child’s strengths and abilities and to reach their own potential. There are a range of half- or full-day programmes available depending on your child’s needs and requirements.
Carpe Diem, which also means “Seize the Day”, encapsulates the enthusiasm and exuberance of children’s approach; they are full of zest and open to discovery and exploration. Carpe Diem has been awarded Superbrands 2004-2007, a testament to the teaching methodologies and facilities.
The curriculum is designed to nurture and heighten learning through a cohesive indoor and outdoor environment including facilities such as spacious classrooms, learning centres, children’s kitchen, music and dance studio, outdoor playground and swimming pool. The unique climbing and traversing wall system and indoor gymnasium with its treadmill, twister and trampoline, provide children with opportunities to develop strength and coordination.
For more information, visit or contact the team at 6266 7957 / 9727 2241 or email
Level 2, main Clubhouse
Operation Hours
7 am - 7 pm, Weekdays
7 am - 2 pm, Saturdays
Closed on Sundays